Electric Bark Collars for Dogs

Work toward your furbaby learning to use a paw-lite voice level with training help from a bark shock collar. These collars use static correction to help discourage your dog from barking. Dog bark shock collars are not meant to cause harm but are used to let your pooch know there are consequences for raising his voice. He’s in control and it’s not his mommy or daddy making him uncomfortable. It helps maintain your relationship!

Did you know yelling at your dog while he’s barking may make him bark even louder? As you raise your voice, he might think you’re doing it together! So, it’s important to correct the behavior in a way that doesn’t encourage him to bark, perhaps with static correction and an anti-bark electric collar.

When exploring our electric dog bark collar selection, you can feel confident we only offer safe options. You’ll find dog shock collars that detect the vibration of his vocal cords and then deliver a static correction. These remote-less options are great because they correct him immediately so he makes the association. You can also select an electric dog bark collar that comes with a remote. It gives you more customization options and lets you have a more active role in the training. If you’re having a hard time deciding which static correction system is right for your pal, consider talking to your vet about her recommendations.

There are many ways to train your pooch to use his indoor voice, so you’ll find a variety of dog bark control options at Chewy like dog bark collars. When a physical reminder is best, a vibrating bark collar could be the right choice to discourage him from barking. Or you can choose dog spray collars to address his behavior. No two dogs learn the same way, so we offer a dog training and behavior products to suit everyone’s needs. If a dog bark shock collar is the right choice of correction for your pup, you can feel confident you’ll find the safest selection on Chewy.com!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are bark shock collars safe for dogs?

The bark shock collars you’ll find at Chewy.com are safe for dogs and incapable of causing harm. The purpose of static correction is to deter negative behavior—not to cause harm or use as punishment. As always, it’s best to check with your vet to see if an anti-bark electric collar is the right training tool for your dog. Like all dog products, electric dog bark collars vary between manufacturer, so shop Chewy.com to ensure the one you choose is safe for your pooch.

How long can dogs wear bark shock collars?

Dogs can wear bark shock collars between eight and 12 hours a day. Static correction is completely harmless and is not the cause of a recommended time limit. Instead, it’s because constant wear and prolonged contact with the prongs can cause sores, called pressure necrosis. We also recommend you rotate the electric dog bark collar throughout the day so it isn’t constantly putting pressure on one spot.

Do bark shock collars need a remote?

Not all bark shock collars need a remote control. Some feature a vibration sensor that detects your pup’s vocal cords moving and then use static correction to remind him to hush. If you’d like more control, you can choose a dog training shock collar with a remote. This allows you to also use static correction to discourage other unwanted behaviors like digging and chewing.

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