Wild Bird Food

You love watching and listening to the beautiful birds that come to your garden on a daily basis. To make these feathered visitors feel welcome, you can carefully curate your backyard with lovely wild bird feeders like the squirrel-resistant Perky-Pet Triple Tube Bird Feeder. It can be filled with several types of wild bird food to attract all different types of colorful birds. So what do wild birds eat, exactly? Let's check out some of Chewy's favorites. Encourage delightful birds to flock to your garden with Kaytee Basic Blend Wild Bird Food. This classic bird feed includes a variety of grains to attract a wide range of birds any time of year. It can be used in a hopper, large-tube or covered fly-through feeders. This food will attract an array of wild backyard birds. Brown's Bird Lover's Blend No Waste Blend Wild Bird Food is a 100% edible food made with high oil and fat content. It's a delicious blend packed with over 50% shelled peanuts and sunflower hearts. Get ready to attract nature's most colorful feathered friends to your backyard with this wild bird food. You could also try Wagner's Southwest Regional Blend Deluxe Wild Bird Food. It's specially formulated for the songbirds of the Southwest. Expect a flurry of visitors like Cardinals, Chickadees, Finches and Blue Jays. This is a tasty birdseed combination of 25% black oil and striped sunflower seeds and high-quality grains. It's the perfect blend for tube, hopper or platform feeders. Your hummingbirds will be singing a lovely tune with Kaytee Electro Nectar Hummingbird Food. It's scientifically developed with electrolytes to reproduce the flower nectar that Hummingbirds would find in the wild to sustain their very active lifestyle. It's naturally clear and free of additives for hydrating and highly nutritious daily energy. Birdwatching is a rewarding hobby and perfect for gardens of all sizes. Make your backyard bird-friendly with hearty wild bird food, wild bird suet food and enticing bird feeders. Shop the best wild bird food and wild bird feeders here on Chewy.com today! Related Products: Cockatiel and Cockatoo Food, Parakeet Food, Finch and Canary Food, Lovebird Food, Conure Food, Dove and Pigeon Food, Parrot and Hookbill Food, Chicken Food, Bird Food

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