Guinea Pig Grooming & Healthcare

Keeping your guinea pig looking good and feeling good means having the right guinea pig health and grooming supplies on hand. Chewy carries a wide variety of guinea grooming supplies as well as the guinea pig health products your guinea pig needs to stay well. Read on to learn about some of the things you may need for your guinea pig.

Guinea pigs need regular grooming, so having a few essential guinea pig grooming tools will make your job easier. While shorthaired guinea pigs can be brushed with a hand, you may want to use a soft bristle brush on them to make things easier. Longhaired and teddy guinea pigs may require grooming tools like a wide-tooth metal comb, a slicker brush and a flea comb in addition to a soft-bristle brush, and you may also want to invest in some guinea pig grooming clippers if you’re doing all your grooming yourself. Trimming the nails is also essential, and a good pair of small animal nail clippers will make the job easier.

Guinea pigs may also need extra vitamins or supplements to help them feel their best. Most guinea pigs need extra vitamin C in addition to what they get from their pellet food, hay, fresh fruit and veggies, and you can find lots of tasty C supplements as well as supplements for joint health, multivitamins and probiotics to help alleviate common health complaints.

While you’re stocking up on guinea pig supplies for health and wellness, don’t forget to pick up first aid essentials for common injuries and skin complaints. You may also want a thermometer or scale to help monitor your little pet’s health. Chewy has all the things you need to keep your guinea pig healthy and happy in life. Stock up on guinea pig food & hay and guinea pig treats for good nutrition and guinea pig playpens and hutches and guinea pig toys to help your piggies get their exercise. And whatever guinea pig health and grooming products your guinea pig needs to look good and thrive, you’ll find a great selection and deals on everything at

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