Small Animal Enclosures & Habitat Accessories

One of the best parts of being a small pet parent is creating the perfect home for your little critter. Generally, you'll begin with a base, starter kit home—made from either wire or plastic, or from both—made to suit your pet's size. Consider their final, full grown size when picking the cage, whether it’s a guinea pig cage, hamster cage, rabbit cage or ferret cage. Chewy has a fantastic selection, so you can pick the perfect rabbit habitat, guinea pig habitat, hamster habitat, mouse habitat, rat habitat, ferret habitat, or gerbil habitat. You'll want something your little pal can grow into without having to replace it. MidWest Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Home is a perfect home for a happy guinea pig, chinchilla or degu. MidWest Wabbitiat Rabbit Home is sized just for your bunny. Habitrail Cristal Hamster Habitat makes the perfect hamster or mouse cage. Search around to find the best base home for your small pet. After choosing your pet's home, the fun begins. Put your own creative touch on your pet's new home by customizing it with small pet bowls, feeders, small pet toys and other accessories. Kaytee Hay-N-Food Bin with Quick Locks Small Animal Feeder is an all-in-one solution, featuring a large-mouth food bowl and an integrated hay feeder. Kaytee Chew-Proof Small Animal Water Bottle can supply all the water your pet needs, with a glass bottle that she can't chew through. Living World Lock & Crock Dish Small Animal Bowl is perfect for food or water and easily attaches and detaches for easy cleaning and refilling. Ware Small Animal Hay Feeder adds a bright green color splash to any habitat, with an included salt licker small animals love. If you're seeking fewer food refills, take a look at Kaytee Gravity Bin with Mounting Bracket Small Animal Feeder, featuring a large bin that will automatically refill your pet's bowl. Kaytee CritterTrail Food Dispenser Small Animal Accessory will also keep the food coming, with a fun, transparent design. For a fun, unique way to serve your small pet her hay, check out Kaytee Rollin' The Hay Rabbit Feeder, with a one-of-a-kind wheel design. To get your pet out of her habitat for a little exercise, take a look at some great small pet pens, like Marshall Small Animal Playpen. You can even get a premium cover for it, like the Marshall Small Animal Playpen Mat/Cover. Also consider a great rabbit hutch or guinea pig hutch. Shop for all of your small pet products on Chewy.

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