Heartworm Prevention & Dewormers for Dogs

Worms and other parasites would love to make a home on your four-legged friend. Part of good dog health care is checking for and treating worms. Dogs can get intestinal worms from their normal everyday activities like playing outside. All the things your pup does with her mouth – groom, kiss, and other social activities - can pass unwanted pests to siblings and their pet parents. You can catch parasitic worms from your canine, but dewormer for dogs can help. If untreated, parasitic worms can cause vomiting, diarrhea or severe blood loss. You will find the best dog dewormer for your dog at Chewy.com. If you’re wondering how to deworm a dog, start by confirming the worm. Your vet can help with this. Once you have confirmed a worm, there are multiple safe ways to deworm a dog, but a common way is with over the counter dewormer for dogs. You can kill harmful worms and other parasites with liquid dewormers for dogs or deworming pills for dogs. Liquid dewormer like PetArmor Sure Shot is highly palatable and easy to administer. Topical solutions like Bayer dewormer for dogs work through the skin to kill parasitic worms. The size of your canine does matter when it comes to deworming. Dewormers for large dogs can have different ingredients, varying potency and application instructions than dewormers for small dogs, so it’s important to purchase the right dewormer for your dog’s weight. Good healthcare goes beyond deworming. At Chewy.com, you’ll find everything you need for proper dog healthcare. Dog vitamins will keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy and shiny. Proper dog ear care can prevent a host of health issues. Dog ear hair can help keep bacteria, dirt and grime trapped within the ear canal, so keeping your dog’s ears clean should be a priority. Good dog eye care will keep your canine’s eyes healthy, while joint care for dogs will keep your dog running and playing the way she was meant to. If your dog suffers from anxiety, dog anxiety medication can keep her calm and prevent her from acting out. If your canine suffers from a weight problem weight control dog food can help her maintain a healthy weight, while prescription dog food can help pups who require an additional nutrient boost. Find everything from a dog first aid kit to dewormers for dogs at Chewy.com - and keep your four-legged friend healthy and happy for years to come.

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