Cat Food Storage & Accessories

Food that’s stored properly always tastes better, and it’s no different when it comes to cat food storage. Finding the perfect way to store pet food once the bag or can has been opened is ideal for preserving the flavor and nutrients as well as keeping out the elements. There are many pet food storage options that help prolong the shelf life of dry cat food or cat treats or allow you to save unused canned cat food for later. Some pet food companies recommend keeping dry food in its original bag because it acts as a protective barrier, although some might not have a reclosable seal. If you use this method for cat food storage, it’s still ideal to keep these bags off of the floor and inside a handy pet food bin for easy access and maximum freshness.

Most cat food storage containers are made of heavy-duty plastic that is BPA-free for your pet’s safety. Some of the plastic cat storage containers are transparent so you can easily check the food level to know when to place your next Chewy order. Pet storage containers feature slim profiles that easily fit into a closet or pantry, and some are even stackable to save valuable storage space. The tops have easy-open designs such as flip-top lids with latches or those that screw on and off. An airtight seal is formed to keep out pests, rodents and insects and also moisture and humidity to prevent mold. They keep your kitty’s food full of flavor, which is important for picky eaters. No one wants to eat stale food, especially not the feline connoisseurs in your household. You should place your pet food bin in a cool, dry place that’s easy to access.

Let’s take a look at some cat food storage containers that are popular with Chewy pet parents. The IRIS cat storage container comes with a large container on wheels that holds 25 pounds with a smaller container on top that can hold up to 10 pounds. This design is perfect for households with both cats and dogs, or you can use the top compartment for treats. The Gamma2 Vittles Vault is a weatherproof pet food bin that’s made from food-grade plastic. The lid spins on and off easily, and it comes with a free measuring cup. You can get Vittles Vault pet storage containers in just about any size, and some are stackable. Chewy also carries tons of other pet food storage accessories. Can covers help keep leftovers fresh so your cat can enjoy them for her next meal. Cat treat jars are perfect for storing snacks on the counter, and they come in different decorative designs.

When you're traveling with your favorite furball, a travel-size cat food holder is a good idea to take along because it's more durable than a plastic baggie. Pet food storage containers help preserve the potency of the nutrients for longer, and they lock in the enticing flavors your furry friends love. There are sizes and shapes to fit any space and lots of options for all your pets' needs.

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