Prescription Pet Urinary Tract & Kidney Treatment

Nothing is fun about a urinary tract infection, and it’s no different with UTIs in cats and UTIs in dogs. Urinary infection in dogs and urinary infection in cats should always be treated by your veterinarian. They can do diagnostic tests to make sure that your pet does in fact have a UTI, and they can also determine if there is an underlying health issue that is causing it. Once they have made a diagnosis, the veterinarian can start your pet on the right pet medication that can help them recover. In the Chewy pet pharmacy, we carry many different types of veterinary medicines that can treat UTIs in cats and UTIs in dogs. Your vet may prescribe specific prescription antibiotics for dogs or cats that can treat bacterial infections in the urinary tract. Some are available in both liquid and tablet form. You can search the name of the pet prescription in Chewy Pharmacy, and then add it to your cart like you would any other pet supplies. When you go to place your order, you’ll be asked to enter your vet’s information. The Chewy pet Rx team will then contact your veterinarian’s office to verify the pet prescription. If your vet prescribes pet medications that help prevent UTIs in cats and UTIs in dogs as well as kidney and bladder stones, you’ll find these types of veterinary medicines in Chewy Pharmacy, too. For pets who are diagnosed with kidney disease, we carry several different kinds of pet medications that help manage this condition in different ways. Some act as diuretics that remove excess fluid from the body and sodium from the kidneys. Others act as potassium supplements in pets with kidney disease who have low potassium levels. There are also veterinary medicines that lower immune system function to treat certain types of kidney disease in dogs and kidney disease in cats. Chewy’s online pet pharmacy also stocks pet prescriptions that manage urinary incontinence, as well as those that manage other health issues, including prescription dog anxiety medication and prescription heartworm medication.

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