Purina ONE

Starting in 1987, Purina One was the first brand to bring pet food with real meat or fish as the number one ingredient to grocery stores. Their goal is to provide pet owners with the tailored nutrition that will keep their loving pets thriving, and so the targeted formulas are optimized for every pet’s lifestyle and life stage. Part of the leading Purina brand, the heart of the company is creating food that nourishes the whole pet. Boasting a team of over 400 scientists, including nutritionists, they are constantly striving to improve, so pet owners can enjoy those ball chases, feather conquers, and snuggles for as long as possible. That’s why they conduct extensive studies to see how each formula performs in the long run, because the long run is what it’s all about. Simply put, Purina One wants the best for pets, and it’s evident in every bite of their variety of foods and treats.

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