Rat Hideouts, Beds & Mats

Furnishing a cage for your rats means outfitting it with lots of places to play, sleep and hide. Chewy carries a wide range of rat beds, hideouts and toys, including hammocks, mats, huts, tunnels, balls, wheels, chew toys and more. You’ll find everything you need on our site to create an enriching and healthy home for your pet rats.

Rat hideouts are essential for making your rats feel safe and secure in their habitat, so you should put at least one hideout per rat in your cage. You can find many different styles of hideout to choose from, from wooden nest boxes to hut and igloo styles, plus loads of hanging rat beds and hammocks that provide a warm and cozy place for a nap. Small animal mats and cuddler beds can also provide a cozy, slightly less private place for your rats to relax when they’re not trying to hide.

You can find rat tunnels and cardboard hideaways that work as rat toys, rat beds and hideouts all at once, or try a hanging tunnel or hammock for privacy and fun combined with elevation. Chewy also carries a great selection of exercise balls, rat chew toys, ball toys and treat toys, for superior rat entertainment that’ll keep your rats running, playing and nibbling to their hearts’ content. Check out some of the cool puzzle games and treat toys that let your rats forage and work for their rat treats and food like they would in the wild, or amuse your rats with an activity center made for chewing and play. Chewy has loads of wonderful rat supplies to help you make your rat cages and play areas fun and healthy environments for your pets. Shop our great selection of rat beds, hideouts and toys and start creating an amazing habitat for your playful buddies!

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