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Bird cages come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, just like their winged residents. As a pet parent, you get to pick out the perfect dwelling to suit your little chirper, and Chewy's here to help make sure it's just right. From two-story townhomes and cozy little bungalows to traveling hotels, today's cages for birds have all the amenities a pet bird would need. First things first—what type of bird do you have? You'll need to consider not only the roominess but also details like the spacing of the wires in the cage to fit your bird's personality. Budgies do well in small parakeet cages with closely spaced wire, such as Vision II M02 bird cage, which is a taller cage with four perching options. The same is true for Canaries and Finches. Vision pet bird cages have many innovative features. Their no-drawer design allows for easy cleaning by simply removing the top to get to the base. If you've got a mini Parrot with a personality to match (we're talking Lovebirds and Parrotlets), a suitable small Parrot cage would be Vision II L12 bird cage, a tall, large-wire model complete with perches, waste shields and seed or water cups. Most cages for birds come with some of the basic accessories, but you can add fun bird toys, foraging feeders, hanging treats, bells, mirrors and more to keep your birdie pal entertained when you're not around. And when your bird is traveling with you, take along MidWest Poquito Avian Hotel so she can still enjoy all the comforts of her home. It's lightweight for carrying, and the handle doubles as a perch for hanging out on top of the cage. Prevue Pet Products Small Parrot Playstand features eight toy hoops for hanging a variety of treats and bird toys. There are lots of activity areas including three ladders, perches and a swing for plenty of space for your parrot to climb and move around. At night, you can block out the light with a Prevue Pet Products Good Night Bird Cage Cover for a natural sleep cycle. Whether you're looking for Parrot supplies or pet bird cages, you'll find everything you'll need to keep your feathered friend happily chirping in her new home right here at Chewy.

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