Automatic & Electronic Cat Doors

Caring for cats is a lot easier when you can leverage cat technology. Modern pet tech can help simplify and optimize everything from feeding to security, and Chewy has it all. Electronic cat doors allow pets to come and go as they please, giving them the freedom to roam even when you’re not available to open the door. There are many types of electric cat doors to choose from. The best electronic cat door for your family depends on the size of your door, how many pets you have and what features you are looking for. The PetSafe electronic smart door uses a radio-frequency to allow your cat to go in and out. This pet door reads the unique signal of a SmartKey worn on your cat’s collar that triggers the battery power-driven flap to unlock the door. It can detect up to five programmed SmartKeys for multi-pet households. Give your cat freedom, while preventing other animals from entering your home. The High Tech Pet Products PX-2 automatic pet door automatically opens upwards, so it doesn’t require pushing to open. It also opens only when your pet is approaching. The airtight, weatherproof closure cannot be kicked out for extra security. In addition to making it easier for your cat to exit and enter your home, Chewy carries other cat tech to support busy pet parents. If your cat has a low thirst drive, cat water dispensers can help by keeping your cat’s water from going stale. If your cat devours all the cat food in the house, she might have a weight problem that can lead to other health issues. For busy pet parents, automatic cat feeders can ensure your cat is eating the exact amount she needs. You can set the amount of cat treats and when they should be distributed to prevent your cat from overeating. For the pet parent who fears losing a pet, cat trackers can help you always keep track of your cat . To watch your pet while away, consider cat cameras that allow you to speak to your cat and even administer treats. To keep your kitty from entering off-limits areas, set up an invisible fence for cats. Avoid cleaning the dreaded litter box with automatic litter boxes which are self-cleaning and keep your home smelling fresh. Get this pet tech and more at Chewy’s online pet store.

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