Spray Bark Collars for Dogs

If your furbaby is vocalizing like she’s a su-paw pop star, you may be able to help her to hush with a dog spray collar. This bark control method uses a collar that senses your pup’s barking and sprays her as a consequence. It is completely safe, though quite annoying for her. It’s a more effective option than yelling at your pup because she might think you’re just singing along.

There are many options for dog bark collar sprays. A citronella dog collar uses the fragrant scent of citronella to let your pooch know she misbehaved. While the citronella plant itself isn’t safe for dogs, the spray used is completely safe for your pal. Other dog repellent spray options use water or a citrus mixture as a consequence.

Like any training method, a dog repellent spray collar is best when paired with consistency and positive reinforcement. Slowly, but steadily, introduce her to the collar when she tends to be at her loudest. Consistency is key because she needs to associate the behavior with the unpleasant feeling of the dog barking spray. And positive enforcement is always a good addition. Be sure to tell her she is such a good girl, and reward her with a dog treat when she quiets down!

For avid barkers, a spray collar might not be enough to change behavior. That’s why you’ll find a variety of dog bark control products on Chewy.com. There are many dog bark collars to choose from, whether you’d like to explore ones that use vibration, static correction or sound. There are even dog training collars that feature a remote to address undesired behaviors beyond barking. The control is in your hands when you use a vibrating dog collar or electric dog collar to correct barking, digging, jumping, bolting, chewing and more. You can feel confident shopping at Chewy knowing all our products are safe for your pal. Start your bark control training today with a dog spray collar.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do dog spray collars work?

Dog spray collars work by spraying a liquid, usually citronella, to deter barking. The collar features a sensor that picks up on your dog’s barking and uses a dog deterrent spray as a consequence. Some collars can also use water or lemon juice. When used consistently, these collars can teach her that barking results in an unpleasant mist of spray.

Are citronella collars safe for dogs?

Citronella collars are safe for dogs. While the citronella plant is toxic to dogs, the citronella smell is safe and merely an annoyance. With consistent use, she will learn that the consequence of barking is an unpleasant scent, and it will help deter her behavior. If you aren’t sure it’s the best choice for your furbaby, you can check with your vet to see what he recommends.

Do citronella dog collars work?

Citronella dog collars work for many dogs, but every pooch is different. Consistency is one of the most important factors in training success, so be sure to supervise at first and have the collar on during appropriate times. For some dogs, especially avid barkers, the spray consequence might not be enough. If she doesn’t seem to respond to the citronella collar, consider a different solution like vibrating or ultrasonic dog collars.

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