Vibration Bark Collars for Dogs

You can help guide your barking buddy toward controlling herself with a vibrating bark collar. This training method uses a consequence to help alter behavior. When the collar detects barking, it delivers safe, corrective stimulation to remind her she’s not being polite.

A vibrating bark control is an effective solution because it immediately responds to barking so she associates the action with the consequence. This is especially important when you aren’t around, like when she’s running around the backyard, so she can continue to train. It’s a better option than yelling at her to quiet down because, when you raise your voice to tell her to stop barking, she might think you’re joining in on the noise-making fun!

Vibration bark collars are suitable and safe for friends in all stages of life. There are many options to choose from. You’ll see some that provide a bark collar vibration sound that makes a quick noise as a reminder to quiet down before a bigger corrective pulse. When selecting the vibrating dog bark collar that’s right for your furbaby, it’s important to get the right size. You’ll want to have an accurate measurement of the circumference of her neck. This corrective method uses prongs that touch her skin, so having one that’s too tight or too loose can cause issues. If you’re having a hard time deciding which is right, check with your vet to see if she has a recommendation.

Training can be a rewarding and challenging part of having a four-legged friend. At Chewy, we understand training is not one-size-fits-all situation, so we offer a variety of dog training and behavior products to help you find the right one for your pooch. We have other types of dog bark collars for correcting barking, like bark shock collars and dog spray collars. Chewy is here for you 24/7 to help you get safe dog bark control supplies like our vibrating bark collars.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are vibrating bark collars safe for dogs?

Vibrating bark collars are safe for dogs of all ages, even puppies! A vibrating dog bark collar uses vibration as a punishment when your pup barks. It doesn’t cause pain but startles her as a timely reminder that’s not appropriate behavior. If you aren’t sure it’s the best choice for your pooch, you can always check with your vet to see what she recommends.

Do vibration bark collars work?

Vibration bark collars work for many dogs, but like any training method, it’s not right for every pooch. It could be effective for your furbaby if she responds better to consequences than rewards. Using vibration bark collars are also helpful for when you can’t be right next to her for positive reinforcement training. Many collars come with settings to adjust the feeling of vibration, so you might need to make adjustments to find what works for her.

Do vibrating bark collars need remotes?

Some vibrating bark collars need remotes while others don’t. Choosing one without a remote could be a good option for you if you aren’t able to be immediately responsive to your pooch barking—which is important to associate the vibration with the bad behavior. Remotes are great for active training and finding the right settings. If you’d prefer a vibrating dog training collar, you’ll find many remote control options at Chewy.

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