New Age Pet

New Age Pet is a brand of Pinta International Inc., the USA-based subsidiary of Hang Wing Enviromental Company Ltd. Their philosophy is to be a market leader in pet products, offering high quality products that provide loving pet parents with unique benefits that have never been seen before. They are always conscious of the wellbeing of the animals that are actually using the product, as well as the people who care for them. They use recycled and reclaimed materials that is acquired from certified sources and subsidiary lumber yards, and it’s all to assure the content and purity. It’s not necessary, and it’s not the easy way, but it’s all to have 100% confidence in the safety and source of its materials. In fact, the revolutionary ecoFlex products will never warp or crack, with a stylish design that combines a crate and end table, and a litter box and end table into one genius design.

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