Premium Cat Food

Fill kitty’s bowl with premium cat food to purr-pare her for a healthy and happy life with you. Premium cat food is a top choice for cat parents because it is inspired by the omnivorous diet of wild felines and made with higher-quality ingredients than economy recipes. It’s also more nutrient-dense and designed to deliver essential vitamins and minerals.

Some premium cat food features limited ingredients, but there are also nearly endless combinations of textures and flavors fit for every cat! Feed your feline friend premium dry cat food to give her that satisfying crunch. When she prefers to wet her palate during mealtime, premium wet cat food is a decadent choice. Once you decide on a texture, choose the best flavor to appease her taste buds—with the confidence that your choice is made with the high-quality ingredients expected from a premium cat food.

It can be overwhelming to try to pick out the best premium cat food for your furbaby. Shopping by life stage is a good place to start because your cat has new nutritional needs as she grows older. For example, kittens need nourishment that focuses on muscle growth and brain development, while older friends need to maintain their lean muscles. You can also search based on her unique dietary needs, like if she needs grain-free options or limited ingredient recipes. You can even make mealtime extra tasty and nutritious by adding irresistible premium cat food toppings to her food.

Whether kitty is a new member of the family or you are considering switching her diet, you can find all the cat food options needed to nourish her. Work with your vet to see which is right for your fur-iend. And if your vet has a special plan in mind for your pal, you can find and fill prescription diet foods at Chewy. Of course, we even have premium pet food for dogs to satisfy your pup’s needs, too! Ready to nourish your feline friend for a long and happy life with you? Shop Chewy for the best premium cat food for your BFF!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is premium cat food?

Premium cat food is made to higher standards than economy brands of cat food. You’ll find higher-quality ingredients inspired by the diets of wild felines and recipes fortified with important vitamins and minerals. Plus, premium cat food is often made without artificial flavors or dyes. Like all food, premium cat food varies. You can compare all your options for your pal’s current food by looking at the nutrient analysis and ingredient list.

What are the benefits of premium cat food?

There are many benefits of premium cat food, and some support kitty while others might even benefit you! Premium cat food is mindfully created with the right proportions of meat and carbohydrates. Some standard cat food uses excess carbohydrates as fillers—which can leave your friend hungry and needing more. With more nutrient-dense recipes, so she will likely need to eat a smaller portion of the premium cat food. This can help her maintain a healthy weight. It may even reduce how much she poops—so there is less litter box cleaning for you!

What are some premium cat food brands?

Some premium cat food brands are ones you likely recognize, while some might be new names to you. If your friend enjoys wet food, Tiki Cat and Weruva are fur-avorites. If she prefers crunchy kibble, Instinct and Wellness are popular choices. And when your pal is more into freeze-dried options, consider Stella & Chewy’s and Primal. Shop Chewy for all the best premium cat food brands!

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