Automatic & Electronic Dog Doors

Give your pets the best of both worlds with an automatic dog door or cat door. Electronic pet doors are the perfect answer for kitties that can't decide if they really want to go in or out, or for self-sufficient pups that know for sure when they need to go outside to do their business. With the help of an automatic pet door, you don't even have to be around to unlock or open the door. With their very own electronic pet door, your creatures can choose the refuge of their cool indoor kingdom or go on routine patrols of their backyard territory. Pet doors are efficiently designed so you don't have to worry about “letting all the air out of the house after you just got it warmed up or cooled down to the perfect temperature. They keep out the snow and the rain too, because they only open while your pet passes through. So how do they work? Electronic dog doors and cat doors are paired up with specific collars or devices worn on your pet's collar. As the pet approaches, a signal is sent to open the pet door so they can go in or out. That means you won't have other outdoor critters coming through—only your pets. You can also choose which pets can go outside on their own. By using an automatic dog door or cat door, you'll never accidentally leave the door to your home open. These doors lock shut when they're not being used for a sense of security. You'll find pet doors with different dimensions to accommodate cats or dogs of varying sizes. The PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor essentially gives your pet a key to your house. Using radio-frequency technology this SmartDoor reads your pets unique signal and triggers the battery powered flap to unlock or lock. And for those multi-pet houses the PetSafe Electronic SmartKey for SmartDoor can be used for your other pet or simply serve as an extra key if your pet has a playdate while you are out of the house. Simply attach the key to any of the dog collars you have around the house and give your pet the freedom to come and go from the house like all of the other family members. For other great technology products look no further than High Tech Pet Products for great dog and cat tech products. Shop Chewy for the best pet supplies and dog products online to see which automatic dog door or cat door works best for your pet!

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