Cat Doors

Whether it's around your home or the great unknown in your backyard, your curious kitty loves to explore. Give your courageous cat the freedom to adventure at will with a cat door. Cat doors are the perfect addition to a pet owner's home. They allow your feline friend to come and go as he wishes, allowing more freedom than a cat crate, which encourages play and independence. Cat doors help your pretty kitty maintain an active lifestyle, and also help prevent accidents around the house. Cat doors allow pet owners to keep litter behind closed doors, and can also be used to keep your pup from eating your cat's cat food. Some cats take instantly to pet doors, while others will require some training. Today, cats are often raised to live and play indoors, but that doesn't squash your kitty's natural instinct to want to be outdoors. Your cat loves to feel the wind and sun on his fur, while rolling in grass and chasing bugs. A cat door can allow your feline friend to roam outdoors when you're away or too busy to let him out. Choosing the right pet door depends on your individual needs, and the need of your kitty companion. A cat door flap can fit in your door and allow your cat to exit and enter with ease. You might prefer a magnetic cat door or electronic cat door depending on your needs. The PetSafe 2-Way Locking Cat Door allows you to put a cat litter box behind closed doors to keep any odors from wafting around your home. The transparent cat door flap lets in light and has a magnetic cat door closure that keeps it secure. You can also lock the cat door to restrict access when you like. The Cathole Cat Door with Brush installs easily, and cleans your cat's fur as he enters and exits. The brush keeps any cat litter or dirt from being carried back into your home. Shop for the perfect cat door for your purring pet on Chewy, and be sure to also stock up on great cat supplies & accessories like cat trees & towers, cat beds, cat toys and the best flea medicine & treatment for cats, including cat flea pills and cat flea collars.

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