Electric Dog Fence Systems

Keep your playful pup safe with invisible dog fence systems from Chewy. At Chewy, we care about your pet's safety. Without fencing, your pup can get out and into dangerous situations. With so many things that can harm your precious pooch, an electric dog fence can provide security and peace of mind. At Chewy, you can shop for dog fencing options that are safe and invisible. Invisible dog fence systems transmit energy between the boundary lines you establish. Your boundaries can be as big or as small as you desire. As your pup approaches the boundary line, a tone or vibration will deter her from going any farther. One benefit of a wireless pet fence is the lack of physical fence setup or upkeep. It won't affect your existing landscaping, but will provide safety for your dog while giving her freedom to roam. A wireless pet fence is perfect for homes in areas where there are restrictions or laws against fencing. It protects your dog from traffic, strangers and other dangers outside of your invisible boundary. Chewy carries a wide range of electric dog fence collars and invisible dog fence systems from brands like PetSafe and SportDOG. PetSafe Pawz Away Indoor Pet Barrier keeps your pup's paws from dirtying your clean carpets, getting into smelly trash or wandering into bathrooms. The indoor pet barrier helps curb your canine's curiosity with a high-pitched tone or safe static correction whenever she passes the invisible barrier. When it comes to outdoor security, consider the PetSafe Wireless Containment System. Mark boundaries of your yard with an invisible pet containment system that sends a static correction or irritating tone to your dog's collar, reminding her that she's crossing over into off-limit areas. An electronic dog fence can protect both your home and your loving pet. To make you and your dog's life even easier think about installing an automatic dog door so that your pup can enter and exit the house as they please. With the electric fence already in place you have nothing to worry about. Shop the best dog supplies from Chewy's online pet store!

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