Electric Fence Dog Collars

For pet owners without a fence, keeping your pet safely confined to your backyard can be a challenge. You can use a dog tie out or dog exercise pen; however, these do not always provide adequate roaming room for your pups and are often shorter term solutions. If you want your pup to be able to wander around all day long, you’ll probably benefit from having an electric dog fence system installed. This will give your pet the ability to roam about your yard as he pleases while staying within designated boundaries.

Once a perimeter wire is buried around the yard, establishing the area that a dog will be able to run around in, these invisible dog fences sync up to a transmitter. An electric dog fence collar provides the pup with a gentle static correction whenever he reaches the edge of the yard. Over time, a dog will learn the boundaries and won’t even need to approach them. Thus, pet owners can rest assure that their pups will be able to enjoy some outdoor time without wandering out of their yard, getting lost or being hit by a passing car.

Chewy offers a variety of electric dog fence collars that work in conjunction with electric dog fence systems. The PetSafe Wireless Fence Receiver Collar, for instance, is an electric dog fence collar that is compatible with the Wireless Fence Containment System and the Stay + Play Wireless Fence and comes with five levels of static corrections, as well as a tone-only mode. The Country Brook Design replacement receiver dog collar provides a stylish means of keeping your pup safe, as it comes in a fashionable paisley print in a variety of patterns and shades. And the PetSafe Elite Little Dog in-ground fence receiver dog collar is an extra receiver that allows an owner of multiple dogs to add another dog to their existing electric dog fence. Shop Chewy for electric dog fence collars and all your other dog supplies at Chewy's online pet store.

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