Electric Dog Fence Batteries & Accessories

Many pet owners who don’t have a physical fence in their yard rely on an invisible dog fence to keep their pets safely confined within their backyard. These electric dog fence systems help a dog to know what her boundaries are, thus keeping her safe from wandering away, getting lost, having a run-in with wildlife or other pets, or getting hit by a car. And they are great alternatives for having to install a costly fence that will require maintenance and upkeep. But in order to keep your electric dog fence up and running, it’s important that you make sure that the fence and its components are fully charged at all times. You may also need to purchase a variety of electric dog fence accessories for your system.

Some electric dog fence accessories that you may need include additional receivers so that you can add extra dogs to your underground fencing system, wire to extend the boundaries, replacement batteries for electric dog fence collars, and surge protectors.

Chewy offers a variety of electric dog fence batteries and accessories that work in conjunction with your electric dog fence system and the corresponding electric dog fence collars. The Pet Standard RFA-67 replacement 6V batteries for PetSafe collars are replacement electric dog fence batteries that have a long shelf life and therefore don’t require constant charging. If you are looking to expand the area that your dog has to wander around in, Dogtek boundary wire provides an additional 500 feet for your pup to frolic in. This wire is coated to protect it from the elements. And the PetSafe pet fence system surge protector is an electronic dog fence accessory that will help to ensure that your electric dog fence will remain up and running during a power outage. Shop Chewy for all your dog supplies at Chewy's online pet shop.

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