Electric Dog Fence Systems

Having a fenced-in yard is a great way to ensure that your pet gets to experience some daily outdoor time in a safe and controlled environment. A fence allows a pet owner to open up their back door or dog door and let a dog outside to relieve himself without having to worry that he may wander down the block, get lost or come into contact with a passing car or wild animal. But not everyone has the option of having a fence. That’s where electric dog fences can help. Pet owners who are looking for a way to keep their dog safely contained in their backyard without installing a physical fence can reap all the benefits of having a fence by installing electric fences for dogs.

An electric fence is an invisible dog fence that helps you to establish a perimeter around your yard where your dog will be confined. Unlike regular dog fences, which are raised up from the earth, electric fences for dogs contain wire that is placed on the ground or buried. An electric dog fence collar is placed around your pup’s neck, and this communicates with a transmitter unit. When a dog gets close to the buried wire, aka the invisible dog fence boundary, he will be corrected with a gentle electrical impulse. This provides a safe method of keeping a dog within the confines of your yard while simultaneously allowing him to experience all the outdoor time he desires.

Chewy offers a variety of dog training products like electric dog fences. The Dogtek electronic dog fence system is an easy-to-use, do-it-yourself electric dog fence that comes with 500 feet of perimeter wire and a waterproof collar to keep your pet safe in all weather conditions. The PetSafe Pawz Away outdoor pet barrier helps to keep your pet away from specific areas that you want him to avoid, such as a garden or children’s sandbox, by emitting a high-pitched tone whenever a dog approaches the vicinity of an off-limits area. And the PetSafe In-Ground Fence System provides multiple dog collars so that you can safely confine more than one pup to your yard. If an electric dog fence is out of your price range, Chewy carries dog tie outs which are a less expensive alternative to electric dog fences. Shop Chewy's online pet store for all your dog supplies.

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