Dog Tie Outs

Don’t have the time, energy or huge reserve of money to put up a standard fence or electric dog fence around your property? Fences can be expensive, and once you’ve constructed a standard one, there’s no moving it. Not to worry, because an economical dog stake and dog tie out can keep your pup safely within the boundaries of your yard. And because it’s not set in place, you can move the confinement zone to suit your needs. That means you can keep your dog away from your prized garden and out of the neighbor’s yard, too. And when you’re away on vacation or enjoying a camping trip, a dog stake and dog tie out are must-have items, especially for untrained dogs.

Vinyl dog tie out cables are durable and made from vinyl-coated aircraft cable that are stronger than chains and won’t tangle easily. Make sure you choose one that can handle the weight of your pet. Dog stakes are twisted into the ground and made from solid steel for durability. You can buy the two separately, or get an all-in-one dog stake and dog tie out kit from Chewy. The Aspen Pet Spiral Stake works in all types of soil and uses a corkscrew anchor to stay firmly rooted in the ground. It comes with 20 feet of dog tie out cable and works for dogs up to 50 pounds. For tie outs for large dogs, try the Four Paws Super Weight Tie Out Cable. This cable keeps big dogs from getting loose and is guaranteed not to rust. You can pair it with the Four Paws Walk-About Spiral Tie-Out Stake, which comes with a spring shock absorber to create less tension. If you want to let your dog hang out in the yard, but you’re busy doing yard work or entertaining guests, an overhead dog tie out trolley is the answer. Petmate has a large dog tieout trolley in 50-foot or 75-foot lengths and an extra-large version. Both let your dog get some exercise by running between two points up to 50 feet apart.

With these easy-to-install solutions, there’s no reason why your pup needs to be cooped up inside when you’re at home. A dog stake and tie out are also perfect for short trips and vacations, so check out all the different options Chewy has to offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Tie Outs

What is a dog tie-out?

Common tie-out systems include cable and stake tie-outs where the cable is tethered to a stake in the ground, or trolley systems, which use a suspended overhead cable to provide additional freedom of movement.

Are dog tie-outs safe for dogs?

Dog tie-outs are safe for dogs if they are used in a limited and supervised capacity. You should never leave your dog unattended on a tie-out and always avoid leaving your dog tethered for too long. Unattended dogs can become tangled in tie-outs, or the tie-out anchors can come loose or snap. Leaving a dog tied out for too long can also cause agitation and distress and cause unwanted behaviors like aggression.

How do you shorten dog tie-outs?

Shorten dog tie-outs by getting a shorter cable to go with your tie-out system. Tie-out cables of various lengths can be purchased for use with a tie-out stake or trolley system. Knotting or looping longer tie outs to shorten them is not recommended, as these may increase the chance of injury for your dog.

How do you use a dog tie-out?

Use a dog tie-out by anchoring the stake in the ground or securely attaching the trolley cable overhead. Then, connect a cable of the desired length to the stake or overhead cable, making sure to remove furniture and other unsafe objects that could cause your dog to get tangled or hurt. Test the system to ensure it is anchored securely before using it, and always supervise your dog when he is on the tie-out. Be sure to read and follow all instructions for using the tie-out equipment you choose.

What are the best dog tie-outs?

The best dog tie-out will depend on your situation, but a sturdy cable and anchor system are a good start. Choose a sturdy stake that fastens securely into the ground or an overhead trolley cable with strong fasteners for safety. Tie-out cables made of plastic-coated steel provide durability, strength and rust-resistance, so choose these over chain-link or easily broken rope tie-outs. Make sure to get cables that are the right length to keep your pup safely within the designated tie-out area. Trolley tie-outs may offer more freedom for your dog to run without tripping or tangling the cord, but they can only be used when you have a way to anchor them properly overhead.