Ferret Water Bottles & Feeders

Keeping your ferret well-watered is a must, so you’ll want to put a ferret water bottle or another water source in your ferret’s cage. Chewy has a large selection of water bottles and bowls that are suitable for ferrets, along with automatic ferret feeder styles that can be used for water, too. Here are some things to know before you pick a waterer for your pet.

Ferrets require a steady supply of water throughout the day, especially if their main diet is dry kibble. A water bottle that attaches to the cage can hold a lot of water without spilling and will keep the water clean and fresh. The best ferret water bottle designs have a no-drip spout and are made of sturdy material that can stand up to lots of frantic ferret activity. You may want to choose one with a soft spout made of sturdy plastic, as metal spout dispensers can harm ferret teeth.

Some ferrets prefer drinking out of bowls and also enjoy splashing around in there, so you may want to try using both a bottle and a heavy or tip-proof bowl, or even a ferret feeder that can hold water, too. Gravity-fed water bowls help ensure your ferrets will never go thirsty and save you the work of constantly refilling. You can experiment with different water delivery systems to see which works best for your pets.

Multiple water sources are also a must for ferret enclosures and habitats with two or more ferrets, along with at least one ferret feeder to supply lots of healthy ferret food for their frequent meals. Whatever you use to feed and water your ferret, Chewy has all the ferret supplies you need for feeding, entertaining and housing your little buddy. Shop the small pet supplies section of our store to stock up on things like ferret bedding, ferret treats and the ferret toys and hideaways you need to make your ferret cages inviting for your pets. You’ll find the perfect ferret water bottle for your habitat and so much more!

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