Automatic Dog Feeders & Treat Dispensers

Take the worry and guesswork out of feeding your dog when you’re gone with an automatic dog feeder that does some of the work for you. Chewy carries a wide range of automatic dog feeders, including timed dog feeder models, electronic dog feeder options and dog treat dispenser designs that let you reward your best friend from afar. There’s even a cool dog camera treat dispenser that lets you watch your pup and treat him using your phone.

The simplest way to feed your pup while you’re away is with an automatic dog feeder with timer. These models let you preset times for food to be dispensed, and they work well for enforcing portion control and preventing gorging, too. Some models even let you record a message for your pup to let him know it’s time to eat. Most programmable dog feeders allow you to set mealtimes for any time you want, and some even feature high capacities that hold up to 18 cups of dry kibble. You can use these larger capacity models to take the drudgery and bending out of feeding pets when you’re at home, too.

You can also find some neat high-tech automatic feeders for your pup that let you dispense food using an app on your phone. These usually connect to your home Wi-Fi, and some feature cameras that let you monitor your dog as he eats. They also allow you to program preset mealtimes for your pet, and some even let you vary portion sizes as needed.

Microchip automatic dog feeders are activated by either your pup’s existing microchip or an RFID tag that attaches to his collar. These are a great way to keep pets from eating each other’s food, and some feature scales that let you keep track of how much your dog has eaten. Dog slow feeders dispense dog food in small portions over time to prevent overeating, while gravity dog feeders automatically dispense food whenever the dog bowls attached to them run empty. Chewy has lots of clever ways to feed your dog and give him dog treats whether you’re at home with him or out and about. Check out our great selection of automatic dog feeders and find the perfect solution for your pup!

Frequently Asked Questions About Automatic Dog Feeders & Treat Dispensers

Are automatic feeders good for dogs?

Automatic feeders are good for many dogs and they provide a high level of convenience for the people who use them. Automatic feeders can help with portion control and ensure your pup gets fed at the right times every day. Smart or WiFi-connected feeders give you the option of programming your dog's meals or feeding with the push of a button on the app, providing added flexibility while you're away. Many smart automatic feeders also let you monitor and track your dog's food intake over time, to aid in weight management and help you catch early signs of illness.

Can you put wet food in an automatic dog feeder?

You can put wet food in an automatic dog feeder designed specifically for that purpose. Wet food dog feeders will usually have a refrigerated base or ice packs to keep the wet food from spoiling. You should never put wet food in an automatic dog feeder designed for dry food unless the directions specify that you can. Be sure to read the instructions on your dog feeder carefully before filling it with any kind of food.

What are the best automatic dog feeders?

The best automatic dog feeders will vary depending on your particular needs. If you are away a lot and cannot feed your dog his meals regularly, a programmable automatic dog feeder may be best for you. Programmable feeders can also be used to keep your dog from overeating by enforcing set meal times and portion control. Gravity-driven dog feeders automatically refill when the bowl is empty, making them great for people who free-feed their dog dry kibble. RFID and microchip-activated automatic feeders help keep dogs from stealing other pets' food—ideal for homes with both dogs and cats or pets on special diets.

How do you program an automatic dog feeder?

Program an automatic dog feeder by following the manufacturer's instructions. Some automatic feeders are easy and intuitive to program, while others may require you to take more complicated steps. Many WiFi or smart automatic feeders allow you to program them through an app, adding convenience and flexibility to their other high-tech features. You may want to read product descriptions and reviews of the automatic dog feeders you are considering to get a sense of how easy they will be to program.