Automatic Cat Feeders & Treat Dispensers

Take the worry and guesswork out of feeding your cat when you’re away with an automatic cat feeder designed specifically for that purpose. Chewy carries a wide range of automatic cat food dispenser models, including timed cat feeder bowls, high-tech electronic cat feeder options with cool features like phone apps and Wi-Fi connectivity, traditional gravity cat feeders that refill automatically when they run empty, and more. You can even find a cat treat dispenser that lets you see and talk to your cat while you’re away.

The simplest way to feed your cat when you’re gone is with an automatic cat feeder with timer. These models let you preset times for food to be dispensed, and they work well for enforcing portion control and preventing gorging, too. Some models even let you record a message for your cat to let her know it’s time to eat. Most programmable cat feeders allow you to set mealtimes for any time you want, and many feature high capacities that will tide your cat over through longer times away. A few feature dual compartment designs that let you use them as an automatic feeder for multiple cats, too.

If you’re into high-tech solutions and want more flexibility on when you feed your cat, you can find Wi-Fi connected feeders that connect to your phone through an app. These allow you to feed your cat whenever you want and/or program preset mealtimes, and some even let you vary portion sizes as needed. A few come with cameras that let you see and talk to your kitty as she eats, as well.

Microchip automatic cat feeders are activated by either your cat’s existing microchip or an RFID tag that attaches to her collar. These are a great way to keep pets from eating each other’s food, and some feature scales that let you keep track of how much your cat has eaten. Cat slow feeders dispense cat food in small portions over time to prevent overeating, while gravity feeders do the opposite and dispense food whenever the cat bowls attached to them run empty. Chewy has lots of clever ways to feed your cat and give her cat treats whether you’re at home or out and about. Check out our great selection of automatic cat feeders and find the purr-fect food dispenser for your furry friend!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are automatic feeders good for cats?

Automatic feeders are good for cats and their busy parents, and the wide range of types available means you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect one for your needs. Choose a feeder you can program for set mealtimes, or pick one that has an added Wi-Fi option so you can feed your cat whenever you want. Microchip-activated options can help ensure the dog or other pets stay out of the cat’s food, while slow cat feeders will help prevent gorging and help with weight control regimens.

How do automatic cat feeders work?

Most automatic cat feeders work by dispensing food at preset times that you choose and program into the feeder. Newer models may connect to your Wi-Fi and let you feed your kitty remotely whenever you want, while old-school automatic feeders simply use gravity to refill the bowl whenever it’s empty. Another type of automatic feeder only opens when a pet with a recognized microchip or tag is detected, to keep other pets from eating the wrong food and help control and monitor food intake.

Are automatic cat treat dispensers mobile friendly?

Most automatic cat treat dispensers are mobile friendly and hook up to your home Wi-Fi so you can control them remotely. Easy-to-use iOS and Android apps allow you to interact with the dispenser and dispense treats with a touch of your phone screen, and some models even let you talk to your cat through a microphone and see her through the integrated camera.

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