Poultry & Chicken Feed

Figuring out what to feed chickens at the various stages of growth can be daunting, but you’ll find everything you need to keep them well-fed and happy in the Chewy online pet store. Chewy carries a wide variety of different chicken feed formulas, including starter and grower feeds for young chickens, finisher feeds for broilers and egg-friendly foods for laying hens. Special medicated formulas can help chickens escape the ravages of coccidiosis, while organic feeds avoid things like antibiotics, pesticides, GMOs and animal by-products to encourage natural farm animal health and wellness. Chewy also carries lots of healthy farm animal treats for chickens, with delicacies like mealworms, black soldier fly larvae and more, along with all the farm supplies you need to keep your coops comfy, clean and protected. You can find all the farm animal feed you need, from cattle feed to sheep and goat feed to pig feed and beyond, ordering from the comfort of your home or office for easy delivery in just a few days. Handle all your livestock and pet supply needs, without any hassle or hauling, using Chewy’s online site that brings the farm store right to your door!

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