Small Animal Harnesses & Carriers

Your tiny pet may be small, but they provide you with lots of love. Small pets are easy to care for, great for children, and live long lives. Chewy has everything you need to care for your furry friend including harnesses and carriers made specifically to fit your cute and cuddly companion. We have the very best guinea pig leashes & harnesses, rabbit harnesses & carriers, ferret leashes & harnesses, and hamster carriers & harnesses. Find top small pet carriers on Chewy from brands like Living World and Kaytee. Like to walk your ferret? Find the perfect ferret harness for your fuzzy friend on Chewy. Living World small animal harness may be perfect for your rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla or ferret. Take playtime out of the cage and onto the streets with fully adjustable harnesses made for your tiny pet. The Living World small animal harness also comes with a bell, so if you do decide to let your cuddly companion roam free you can easily find them. Small pet carriers make it easy for you to go on a stroll, to the vet or on a trip with your tiny pet. The Living World small animal carrier is a perfect Rabbit carrier. It's also a great guinea pig carrier for when your furry friend needs some fresh air. The Living World small animal carrier comes with dual handles for added stability. It's also a great temporary home for your pets while you clean out cages. Escape-proof slits have been added to the design to provide ventilation for your tiny pet. The enhanced locking mechanism also ensures that your pet can't escape. It's the ideal carrier for hamsters, gerbils, and other tiny pets. On Chewy, you'll find small pet leashes and harnesses from brands like Marshall and Kaytee. The Kaytee Small Animal Harness is stretchy, so it gives your small pet just enough room to play safe. Take playtime outdoors for your cuddly companion with small pet accessories from Chewy.

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