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Premium Dog Food

Nourishing your BFF for a long and happy life with you is a walk in the park with premium dog food. When compared to generic dog food options, premium dog food is often made with higher-quality ingredients, leaving out unnecessary fillers, artificial flavors and dyes. Premium dog food is also more nutrient-dense than other options, which means your pal might need to eat less to get the nutrition he requires.

Of course, every dog has different nutritional requirements, so it may seem challenging to find the best premium dog food. Considering your dog’s life stage is a good place to start when deciding which food to choose. You’ll find puppy premium dog food, adult premium dog food and senior premium dog food. Your vet can be a great resource if you are having a hard time deciding between brands.

There’s a premium dog food option to suit every fur-iends taste preferences. Premium dry dog food provides that cravable crunch, while premium wet dog food is paw-fect for our friends who prefer something more soft and juicy. And to really wow your fur-iend’s taste buds, top off any bowl of chow with premium dog food toppings.

If the dog-tor has a special diet in mind for your lil' pal, Chewy carries premium special diets for every nutritional need including high protein premium dog food, limited ingredient premium dog food, weight control premium dog food, premium dog food for sensitive stomachs and many more. At Chewy, you’ll find something for every pet in your home, whether you’re shopping for a little critter, picking out premium cat food for your feline family member or exploring our options for premium dog food.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is premium dog food?

Premium dog food is created with higher quality ingredients than generic food for your pup. Not all dog foods are created equal or to the same standards and premium dog food brands often use ingredients similar to those canines eat in the wild. Plus, they add vitamins, minerals and other nutrients your dog needs to thrive. Most are also free from artificial dyes and flavors. You can compare your current food to premium dog food by looking at the nutrient analysis and ingredient list.

What are the benefits of a premium dog food diet?

Some of the benefits of a premium dog food diet are for your pal, while some might even help you! Made with high-quality ingredients, premium food is often made with proteins canines find in the wild, plus it features the antioxidants and vitamins your pal needs. Also, food that is more nutrient-dense tends to require a smaller portion size. This means that you might find the price of premium dog food is comparable to standard dog food when you consider how much your pal needs to eat. And when your dog eats less, he poops less—less mess for you to clean up!

What are some premium dog food brands?

Some premium dog food brands are household names, while some might be new to you. Merrick dog food, Stella & Chewy’s and The Honest Kitchen dog food are some of the most popular choices at Chewy. To compare your choices, look at the nutrient profile and ingredient list. You can also talk with your vet to see which brands might be best for your fur-iend.