Dog Calming Supplements & Medications

Certain dogs have a tendency to struggle with anxiety. For these easily frightened pups, an everyday scenario can quickly become stress-inducing. Things such as a visit to the veterinarian, being boarded overnight, having visitors in the home, or riding in the car can send an anxiety-prone dog into a tailspin. This can lead to digestive upset, excessive barking, chewing or destructive digging.

The good news is that there are low-cost dog stress and anxiety products like dog calming collars, dog calming diffusers and stress aids, and supplements and medications. Dog calming supplements can help your pet to relax and can be a great tool for helping a pet owner to be able to do something about their dog’s frantic energy and unwanted anxiety-propelled behaviors.

Chewy offers a variety of dog calming supplements and dog calming medications. Vetoquinol Zylkene small dog and cat supplement is a non-drowsy calming medication that uses a natural ingredient found in cow’s milk to help to soothe the nerves of a stressed-out dog. Fluoxetine generic tablets for dogs is a calming medication that is prescribed by veterinarians to treat a variety of behavioral issues in dogs. And Vet’s Best comfort calm dog supplement helps reduce anxiety and tension with natural ingredients tryptophan and valerian root. So, don’t stress about your pup's anxiety, Chewy has the best pet supplies available!

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