Cat Automatic Litter Boxes

There is a lot of joy that comes from being a cat owner. Cats make great pets. They can lower your stress level, because they don’t require much effort. However, many cat parents would agree that the one downside of owning a cat is cleaning up cat litter. Litter boxes smell awful and are dreadful to clean. At, we offer a variety of cat tech products to make pet parenting easier. Automatic litter boxes help reduce time spent cleaning up after your kitty, so you have more time bonding with your pet. Automatic cat litter boxes separate waste and dispose of it, so you don’t have to. Self cleaning litter boxes know when your cat has left her box, and automatically get to work raking litter and separating waste. You could finally quit scooping and scraping with automatic kitty litter boxes. LitterMaid is a top producer of automatic litter boxes. The LitterMaid automatic litter boxes contain a motion sensor that determines when cats enter and leave. It automatically scoops any mess into a sealed, disposable receptacle with carbon filters that stop odors from spreading through your home. Another cat tech solution pet parents love is automatic cat feeders. Chubby kitties who overeat cat food can benefit from feeders that can be preset. Simply placing food in cat bowls allows for overfeeding or for cats to eat food that isn’t theirs. A certain amount of cat treats is released at a time, so you can restrict your cat’s caloric intake. Pet parents can take advantage of other technology like electronic cat doors that allow just your pet in and out, nothing else. An invisible fence for cats will protect your cat from going where she shouldn’t. Keep track of your cat while at work with cat cameras and make sure she’s doing well. GPS cat trackers help pet parents know where their cats are at all times. A great safety feature in case your cat gets out when they’re not supposed to. Find cat tech and more at and make pet parenting easier.

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