Rabbit Hutches

Shop the great selection of rabbit habitats and cages at Chewy to find the perfect rabbit hutch for your bunny friends. We carry many different bunny hutch types and styles, so you should have no trouble finding a sweet home that perfectly fits your needs.

When shopping for rabbit housing, it’s important to consider things like location, number of inhabitants, and exercise options before you buy. Outdoor rabbit habitats may house one or more bunnies and will usually be made of a sturdy weatherproof material like wood or composite. A good outdoor rabbit hutch should be roomy, have multiple compartments or levels and provide good protection from the elements. Indoor rabbit hutch setups can be smaller, but they should still provide bunnies with enough room for some exercise, essentials like food and water bowls and lots of comfy nesting area. You can find sleek modern-style indoor hutches as well as cute and cozy rabbit cages to house your hoppy buddies in style.

Whatever habitat you choose, remember to outfit it with the comforts of home, including soft rabbit beds and hideaways, fresh rabbit litter and chewable rabbit toys to keep your pets occupied. Some bunny parents even use rabbit playpens to give their bunnies extra room for exercise. You can find all the rabbit supplies you need at Chewy’s online pet store 24/7!


Can you keep a rabbit hutch indoors?

You can keep a rabbit hutch indoors. There are lots of great indoor rabbit habitats you can buy in various styles, including hutch-style homes and cages. Outdoor hutches tend to be made of sturdier material and may be too large for your space, but many outdoor hutches could be used indoors, too. Just make sure whatever you choose provides adequate protection for your floors and enough room for your bunnies.

What can I put in my outdoor rabbit hutch?

Line the floor with newspaper and put down lots of fresh hay, rabbit-safe wood shavings (no cedar or pine) or other soft rabbit bedding. Tip-proof rabbit food bowls, hay feeders and rabbit water bottles are also musts. You may also want to include a litter box in there.

How do you insulate an outdoor rabbit hutch?

You can insulate an outdoor rabbit hutch by using premade insulating covers known as hutch huggers that go over the outside of the hutch, or you can try a DIY approach with tarps and blanketing draped over the outside. Just make sure not to block off too much airflow to your hutch! Or, find a cardboard box that’s a little smaller than the inside of the hutch, place it in there and fill the gaps around the outside of the box with hay. Extra bedding at the bottom also helps keep bunnies nice and toasty, or try a heated outdoor pad for even more warmth.

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