Cat Travel Aids

While travel is something you look forward to, we can't say the same for your feline friend. Cat travel aids are often needed to help reduce the burden of travel on a beloved pet. Many cats become anxious or display symptoms of anxiety or depression when traveling. Your cat may act out by scratching or urine marking in and out of the cat litter box when he is introduced to new environments out of fear or anxiety. Help reduce stress and relieve the symptoms of anxiety with cat travel aids. A cat calming sedative for travel can help calm your pet during travel whether it's helping him cope with air travel or helping him adjust to being in a new environment. Pet Naturals of Vermont Calming Cat Chews put the cool back in your kitty. The natural ingredients found in these delicious, chicken liver flavored chews help pets adapt to stressful situations. VetriScience Composure Behavioral Health Bite-Sized Cat Chews are another great way to calm your cat during travel. You might want to try a cat diffuser while traveling to help prevent behavioral issues brought on by stress like the Comfort Zone Feliway Cat Diffuser. Traveling with your pet can also become stressful for you, and dangerous without a cat kennel. Your cat can become anxious or afraid and claw at your car interior and you. Choose between a soft material cat travel crate or durable plastic crate. Long car trips can seem even longer when you're dealing with cat urine odor. You'll find disposable travel litter boxes for cats on Chewy from brands like Nature's Miracle litter boxes and Kitty's WanderBox litter boxes. Simply dispose of the travel cat litter box when your cats done with his business. Car travel with cats doesn't have to be a stressful experience. Put the fun back in traveling with your pet with cat travel aids from Chewy's online pet store, where you find the best cat supplies such as cat scratchers, wet cat food, cat costumes or a luxurious & fun cat tree that she’ll climb to her heart’s delight.

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