Visible Reptile Lights

Every aspect of a reptile’s life is affected by sunlight, from feeding behaviors to reproducing and sleep cycles. In order to keep a pet reptile healthy, you have to provide a substitute for that vital sunlight. It’s not just the ultraviolet light that keeps them going, but also visible light.

You can reproduce reptile visible light in your terrarium with a range of different lighting sources. Most ultraviolet lights and basking lights also produce visible light. You’ll want to find a good lighting source that can simulate the natural day and night cycles of your reptile’s natural environment. Zoo Med makes it easy and convenient to give your reptile visible light with their Daylight Blue & Nightlight Red Reptile Lamp. This combo pack has a blue bulb that gives off heat and UVA and mimics daytime lighting, plus a red nighttime bulb that doubles as a heat lamp. With Exo Terra’s Daylight Basking Reptile Spot Lamp, you can create specific basking areas in your terrarium. It offers focused reptile visible light that’s ideal for your pet’s physiological health. And it can be combined with a daytime or nighttime heat lamp for a 24-hour cycle. For snakes and amphibians that require less UV light, Exo Terra has a Natural Daylight Reptile Lamp that provides the ideal daylight spectrum. It helps stimulate appetites and encourage reproductive behavior through UVA radiation. Be sure to check out all the UV, infrared and reptile visible light solutions available at Chewy to keep your reptiles in top shape!

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