Ani Mate

Ani Mate, headquartered in Conroe, Texas, was established in 1986 and is a leading manufacturer of innovative products for pets and ponds. Now sold in over 40 countries worldwide, their products are marketed under the brand names CAT MATE, DOG MATE and FISH MATE, and include a broad assortment of manual and electronic pet doors, feeders, drinking fountains, pond pumps and more. The cornerstone of Ani Mate’s philosophy, and the primary component of their ongoing success, has always been their dedication to providing quality branded products at competitive prices along with unmatched customer service. They believe the best designs–based on thorough research and development–lead to the highest quality products. In pursuit of this belief, they are committed to using the best materials, careful UK-controlled manufacturing processes, and stringent quality checks in order to achieve superior technical design and engineering. The international patents and intellectual property rights protecting virtually all of their products speak to their quality and innovation.

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