Prescription Flea & Tick Medicine for Cats

Help prevent biting pests from plaguing your kitty with a prescription flea and tick medication. Chewy carries several types of prescription flea and tick treatment including topical, oral and combination medications that prevent heartworms and kill common parasites, too.

Before you buy prescription flea & tick medication for cats online, be sure to research all your options. The best flea and tick medicine will be easy to administer, suited to your cat’s lifestyle and effective for the climate you live in. Your vet can advise you on whether you need prescription flea and tick pills, a prescription topical product or a non-prescription flea and tick treatment. If you have a younger cat, you should talk to your veterinarian about prescription flea & tick medicine for kittens and whether it would be a good choice for your furry friend.

Prescription flea and tick topical treatments are easy to apply and can provide continuous protection that lasts a month or more. Many of are also water-resistant, so they won’t interfere with bathing or wash off in the rain. Several prescription flea pills offer long-lasting pest deterrence and water resistance, too. Other feline flea control options include flea shampoos that let you wash annoying pests away, flea and tick sprays that kill on contact and yard treatment sprays that get to fleas before they can hitch a ride on your cat.

You can also choose combination products that combine worm medicine for cats with prescription oral flea and tick medication in one dose. The Chewy pet pharmacy has many of the medications your vet might prescribe for your pets, including prescription cat medicine
for a variety of feline ailments, flea & tick medication for dogs and medications for other types of pets, too. Shop our great selection of prescription flea and tick medications for cats and get everything you need to help your kitty live an itch-free life!

Frequently Asked Questions About Prescription Flea & Tick Medicine for Cats

How do I get cat flea and tick medication prescriptions online at Chewy Pharmacy?

Get cat flea and tick medication prescriptions online at Chewy Pharmacy by visiting your vet and talking about flea and tick control options. Your vet can write you a prescription for the product and dose that’s appropriate for your kitty. Then, go online and add the prescribed product to your cart. At checkout, you can add your cat’s info and vet contact information so Chewy can verify the prescription on your behalf. That’s all you need to do to order your prescription cat flea medications from Chewy!

What prescription cat flea and tick treatment is best?

The best prescription flea and tick treatment will vary by the age, health, lifestyle and habits of your cat and can best be determined by your vet. Popular brands include Comfortis, Advantage Multi, Revolution and Bravecto, but there are many others that may uniquely suit your situation. Many come as once-a-month topicals or chewable tablet doses for easy use. Check out some of the great reviews on our site to learn more about which ones might be best for your bestie!

What is the difference between over-the-counter and prescription flea and tick medication?

The difference between over-the-counter and prescription flea and tick medication is that you need a vet to prescribe the latter. The ingredients in prescription medications are more carefully controlled and regulated, so dosing can be more precise and possibly safer. Many prescription treatments are more effective than over-the-counter products, as well. Your vet can give you the most up-to-date information on what works well, what may be safest and what will be most convenient for you.

How do cat flea treatments work?

Cat flea treatments work in different ways depending on which product you use. Prescription oral and topical flea treatments usually work by depositing chemicals into your cat’s sebaceous glands. These chemicals then spread out over the body as your kitty’s coat lubricates itself, neutralizing fleas and ticks by acting on their central nervous system. This prevents them from feeding on your feline and causing irritation, itch, parasites and disease.

How do I set up Autoship for my prescription cat flea and tick medicine?

To set up Autoship for your prescription flea and tick medicine, select the Autoship option at checkout and choose how often you want it delivered. Once you set up Autoship, you can cancel or change your deliveries any time you want. You must have a valid prescription or remaining refills on file for Autoship pharmacy deliveries to occur. If we do not have a prescription, or if your prescription is expiring soon, one of our team members will reach out to your vet to obtain all the necessary information. You’ll always have your prescription cat medicines on hand when you choose Autoship from Chewy!