Cat Calming Supplements & Medications

Cat anxiety can be a difficult issue for pet owners to tackle. When your cat exhibits signs of being anxious and stressed, there are several options for treatment. Cat calming chews and cat calming collars work for some cats however your veterinarian might suggest the use of cat anxiety supplements or in some cases some cat prescription medications.

Chewy offers a variety of cat calming aids that can significantly help to reduce a cat’s stress and keep him calm when facing everyday stressors. It is super convenient to order these through Chewy’s website, which will save you time in your busy schedule. Be sure to speak with your vet to find the best recommendation for a particular type of cat calming medication or supplement for your pet.

Chewy's online pet store has a wide variety of cat medication and supplements to meet your needs. Vetoquinol Zylkene Behavior Support is a non-drowsy cat anxiety medication that uses a natural ingredient from milk to help reduce the stress reactions of pets. Cat anxiety supplements can help keep them calm when facing loud noises, a new pet in the home, or a visit from unfamiliar people. The HomeoPet Anxiety Relief supplement is an FDA-registered, homeopathic anxiety formula used for calming cats that is chemical-free and all-natural. Ark Naturals Happy Traveler capsules is an herbal cat supplement that can help to soothe your pet whenever he gets worked up. Jackson Galaxy Solutions Stress Stopper Pet Solution is a gentle herbal solution that should help your cat feel more grounded and protected during unusual, short-duration, stressful events. Shop chewy for all of your cat supplies!

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