Electric Cat Fences

Cats make great pets for so many reasons, besides loving to play and cuddle. Cats can be left at home alone for hours, because they don't require walks. They're independent, but still enjoy your love and attention. Cats are wonderfully low maintenance pets but are also naturally curious creatures. That curiosity can lead your purring pet into dangerous situations if they aren’t protected by a cat kennel or a similar alternative. If your kitty's curiosity is leading him into places he shouldn't be, an invisible electric cat fence can help. Pet parents purchase invisible cat fence systems for multiple reasons. One reason for an invisible electric cat fence, is to prevent your cat from entering rooms when you're entertaining guests. Your guests may have allergies, or you may be worried about disruptions. An electric cat fence is easy to install and take apart. You can easily move cat enclosures from room to room. Another popular reason for an invisible cat fence system is for cat training purposes. You can train your cat to stay out of certain rooms in your home with an invisible cat fence or electric fence. An invisible cat fence like the PetSafe Pawz Away Indoor Pet Barrier works with a static correction and high pitched tone. The gentle static correction will let him know there are better places to play. If your curious kitty loves to roll around your garden, you may want a cat playpen to keep him from snacking on your bed of flowers. The PetSafe Pawz Away Extra Outdoor Pet Barrier has the natural look of a rock but sends a signal to the collar which provides your cat with a safe static correction that they should not be in that area. If you don't want to use a collar to train your cat the PetSafe Boundary Flags can be installed and serve a visual reminder that your cat should not enter a particular area. Chewy carries a wide range of invisible electric cat fences to contain your cat while letting him enjoy the outdoors. For those cats who do like to explore outside, remember that cat doors are a great way to let your cat come and go as he pleases which promotes an active lifestyle. Remember to shop Chewy's online pet store for all of your cat supplies, including cat grooming supplies, cat water fountains, or a large and sturdy cat tree or a wonderful and convenient self-cleaning litter box.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Cat Fences

Do electric fences work on cats?

Electric fences work on some cats, but every cat is different. Some cats with a high prey drive may ignore the stimulation from the fence and proceed beyond the boundary despite it. Others will learn to respect the boundary and stay contained within. Remember that while an electric or invisible pet fence may keep your cat within the boundary, the fence will not keep out other animals that may pose a threat to your cat. Consider getting an outdoor cat enclosure or a high fence with an angled top as a safer alternative to an electric fence.

How do I train my cat to use an electric fence?

Train your cat to use an electric fence by putting on the electric fence-compatible collar and setting up boundary flags on the perimeter of your yard. A harness and leash will let you safely show your cat where the boundaries are without the threat of an accidental escape. Some experts recommend starting with the collar in tone-only mode, then activating the physical stimulation mode as training progresses. Continue training until your cat avoids the invisible cat fence on her own—once she does, you can remove the harness and let her off leash in your yard.

Will an electric fence keep my cat from leaving the yard?

An electric fence may or may not keep your cat from leaving the yard. Some kitties are very sensitive to the mild stimulus of an electric fence collar and will stay within the yard to avoid it. Others may ignore the signal and bolt beyond the fence, especially if they are frightened or chasing prey. Consider alternatives to an electric fence if you are concerned your cat may escape

Are electric cat fences cruel?

Electric cat fences aren't cruel, but many people don't like the idea of shocking their cat, even lightly. Electric cat fences emit a gentle charge that is not unlike the shock you get from static electricity buildup. Although the correction feels like a mild buzz, some cats will become frightened or upset when they first feel it. Monitor your cat closely for signs of distress and remove the fence if your cat continues to feel fearful. Some cats do very well with electric fences, while others do not.