Tidy Cats Tidy Care Comfort Odor Control Low Dust Formula Clumping Clay Cat Litter, 24-lb box, Unscented

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About This Item


  • Made in the USA.
  • Low-dust formula that creates tight, scoopable clumps for easy removal.
  • Activated charcoal helps absorb odors without added scents.
  • Features smaller litter granules for a purr-fect paw feel.
  • Helps to neutralize odors up to 14 days when used as directed.

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Play Video: Learn More About Tidy Cats From Our Team of Experts
Learn More About Tidy Cats From Our Team of Experts

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About Purina Tidy Cats Tidy Care

Cats First, Always

You know your cats best, and you also know how important regular litterbox use is to your cats’ well-being. With that in mind, Tidy Cats has created Tidy Care Comfort, a cat litter with smaller granules than the leading clumping litter for a cat-preferred paw feel. Available in a bright, natural, cat-selected scent and an unscented variety, Comfort appeals to a wide array of preferences to help all cats enjoy visiting the litterbox!

Cat-Preferred Paw Feel

Compared to regular clumping litters, Comfort has finer granules that are gentle on paws and easy to dig around in.

Cat-Selected Scent

Scent matters, and many cats preferred Comfort’s bright, natural scent over a leading litter fragrance.  

Unscented, With Charcoal

Since not all cats (or people) like fragrance, Comfort also comes in an unscented variety with odor-absorbing charcoal.

Odor Control & Low Dust

When used as directed, Tidy Care Comfort provides 14-day odor control, low dust and tight, flat, easy-to-scoop clumps.

About Tidy Cats

Tidy Cats is America’s #1 litter brand, and it is backed by over 70 years of litter expertise. Their history began when founder Ed Lowe invented kitty litter in 1947, and reinventing litter has been Tidy Cats’ focus ever since. Combining their litter knowledge with everything they learn from pet parents like you, they proudly keep growing their innovative portfolio of litter products in search of the best solutions.​

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Top IngredientsNatural Clay, Charcoal.Natural Clay.
Litter FeatureMulti-Cat, Odor Control, Scented, Dust FreeMulti-CatClumping, Multi-Cat, Odor Control, Scented, Dust FreeClumping, Odor Control, Scented, Dust FreeClumping, Multi-Cat, Odor Control, Unscented
Packaging TypeBoxBoxBoxBoxBox
LifestageAll LifestagesAll LifestagesAdultAdultAdult
Potty FeatureUnscentedScented
Breed SizeAll BreedsAll Breeds

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Rated 4.0411 out of 5 stars
73 Ratings
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68 Customer Reviews

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By Cheryl on Oct 23, 2023

No Dust - Tracks Some

Litter dust has been such a problem for me in the past that I've had to clean everything in the room with the litter box every week and have even built an enclosure to try to keep the dust at bay. I am happy to report that using Tidy Cats Tidy Care Comfort Odor Control Low Dust Formula Clumping Clay Cat Litter I have had no troubles with the excess amount of dust I've had with other formulas or brands. The litter clumps very well, and it sifts easily through a scoop or litter sifting liners. I've not been able to smell any cat box odors while I've been using this, so I rank it high with regard to odor control. The only downside is that this litter does track outside the box, and even though I have mats outside to the try to trap any excess it still gets all over the floor and down the hall, but I've not seen that it is any worse in regard to other litters as far as tracking goes. I would purchase this over others simply for lack of dust and the great odor control, knowing that other brands track just as much.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By OliNSky on Sep 29, 2023

Controls Odor but a Tracking Mess

I love Tidy Cats, it always controls odor and I feel it’s a great litter for our kitties. But I can’t give this one 5 stars because the size of the granules are just too small and makes a tracking nightmare. You can significantly tell the difference from one litter to the other. Sadly since replacing their litter to try the Comfort Care litter my boys are making a tracking mess and I’ve having to vacuum litter multiple times a day. Other than that, it is easier on their paws and does control odor really well, but it’s just way to messy for us. I would only recommend it because of the odor control and it being easier on their paws.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By Megan on Nov 7, 2023

Solid litter and good clumps

This litter is much finer than other litter I’ve used in the past. My cats had no problem adjusting to it and it seems to clump well. Since it’s so fine it lasts a bit longer before needing to top off. The downside is it does track a bit and the litter around the box seems quite dusty due to how fine it is. I’m also not sure if it’s the best at odor control. I received this product for free for the purpose of my review. All opinions are my own.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By thelinds94 on Nov 25, 2023

The best of the best

This litter is amazing. I have two cats and often will have to scoop the litter box. There is low tracking and even if it does track, it’s easy to vacuum up. It lasts much longer than the other litters I’ve tried with this brand and others. It also doesn’t smell as quick as the others. I will continue to buy. :)

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Madissen on Oct 30, 2023

Poor Quality

I received this litter for free in exchange for my honest opinion. I am very dissatisfied with this litter because not only does it not control odor, but it tracks outside the litterbox as well. After the first time my cat used this there was a terrible odor coming from the box because it didn't mask his pee smell. Then later I noticed that he had already had some of the damp "pee litter" stuck inbetween his toes. I don't know if I got a bad batch or what, but this clearly didn't work for me. #ad

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Dori on Nov 7, 2023

Cat took time to like

I don't use clumping litter as a rule. But this was interesting clumping and low dust with fine granules. When I put it in my cat box it took my cat a bit of time to be ok with how it felt under foot. Boy when she did get used it she loved it. When her business had clumped she let me know lol. I would so buy this. I received this free for my review. All opinions are my own.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By Kim on Nov 7, 2023

It's ok

I received this product for free for the purpose of my review. All opinions are my own. I have 2 cats and this litter does a good job at masking the odor as long as I clean out the litter box once a day. It is little dust that comes out so that's very nice. I just don't like that my cats track the littler out of the box. Maybe it'll help if I add a mat outside the box.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By pancakes on Oct 30, 2023

A solid choice.

I received this product for free for the purpose of my review. All opinions are my own. This was a decent litter. It definitely is good for absorbing smells. Note that I scoop my litter box at least 1x per day. There are no issues with it, and my cat had no issue transitioning to this litter. It doesn’t track much, which is great! It can be a bit dusty, but it’s not overwhelming. Overall, a pretty solid choice.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By Clara on Nov 9, 2023

Doesn't clump fast or dry enough

One of my cats keeps getting it stuck all over one of his paws after he does his business and that never happened with the previous litter brand. It seems that the litter doesn't clump fast enough so if your cat steps in their mess by accident, remnants of the litter will stick to their paws resulting in a mess.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Christine on Nov 6, 2023

Not a fan

The clumps of urine are not as firm as the Tidy Cats Lightweight litter I had been using, and seem to turn into a muddy mess. I was willing to try it for my kitty’s comfort even though it is more expensive, but it is not what I had hoped for. I won’t buy it again. I was NOT given a free sample for my unsolicited opinion.