Veterinary Diet Dog Food

Prescription dog food can help you manage your dog's specific health issues through his daily diet. These formulas require a prescription and are typically prescribed as part of your pet's overall health plan under the care of a veterinarian. Vet recommended dog food differs from the average over-the-counter food because it's created to treat a specific health condition. There are many types to choose from including vet recommended wet dog food, vet recommended dry dog food and vet recommended dog treats. Non-prescription foods, on the other hand, are made to feed pets that are in relatively good overall health. Two of the most popular brands that you'll find online and at your vet's office are the Hill's Prescription Diet and Royal Canin Veterinary Diet lines. Each prescription dry dog food and canned dog food recipe is formulated by veterinarians to treat a particular health condition and has been clinically tested with proven results. Ingredients are selected based on their therapeutic properties and carefully combined with palatability in mind to formulate the best dry veterinary dog food possible. Some of the health concerns that can benefit from a prescription diet include weight management prescription dog food, food allergies prescription dog food and sensitivities, urinary tract infections prescription dog food, gastrointestinal disease prescription dog food, diabetes prescription dog food, proper heart functioning, kidney disease prescription dog food and skin conditions prescription dog food. The first step is to visit your veterinarian to determine the best vet recommended dog food for your dog. Once you've discussed all of the possible options, you and your vet can decide which veterinary dry food is right for your cat or dog, and which fits into the overall treatment plan for your pet's ailment. Then you'll be able to order your newly prescribed vet diet online and have it shipped right to your door. Chewy has an entire prescription team dedicated to helping pet parents with their prescription dog food orders from the online dog store and free dog food delivery. Your pet's veterinary dry food order will ship to you after the prescription team gets authorization from your vet confirming the prescription. Once you start your pet on his new veterinary diet, it's important to follow the directions given by your vet or on the back of the bag exactly for the best results. Because each dry vet dog food recipe is made to treat a specific issue, these diets are not interchangeable. Stick to the prescribed diet without supplementing with other foods or even treats. There are usually a few prescription treat options available that complement your pet's vet diet -just be sure to always check with your vet first. Find this and more on Chewy's online pet store where you can find the best dog supplies today!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Veterinary Diet Dog Food

What is veterinary diet dog food?

Veterinary diet dog food is dog food recommended and prescribed by vets. Veterinary foods often feature special formulations for dogs with specific ailments like food intolerance, chronic disease or recurring issues like urinary tract infections. Only feed your dog veterinary diet recipe foods if you are specifically instructed to do so by your vet.

Which dogs need prescription dog food?

Dogs that need prescription dog food usually have an ailment or chronic illness that requires a special diet. Dogs with kidney issues, diabetes, or digestive issues will often require special prescription canine food. Those with food intolerance or allergies may need a hypoallergenic or novel protein prescription dog food. Only your vet can recommend and prescribe the right prescription dog food for your pet.

Where can I get prescription dog food?

You can get prescription dog food online from Chewy with a prescription from your vet. You can also find prescription food for canines at some local pet stores and online pet stores that serve your area. Some veterinarians will carry prescription dog food, as well.

How can I get a vet-recommended dog food prescribed to my dog?

You can get a vet-recommended dog food prescribed to your dog by seeing a veterinarian for an exam, diagnosis and prescription. You can usually get a refill vet-recommended dog food prescription by just calling your vet’s office. If you order your prescription dog food from Chewy, simply enter your vet’s info at checkout and we will contact your vet directly.