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Only Natural Pet EasyDefense Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs

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Protect your precious pup from fleas, ticks and mosquitoes the safe and effective way with the Only Natural Pet EasyDefense Flea & Tick Tag. Using the power of silicon dioxide particles, these unique tags are coded with frequencies that are safe for your pet, but irritating to biting insects—making for an effective, chemical-free flea and tick repellant. Once the tag is placed on your pet's collar, programmed frequencies will harmonize with your pet's own biological frequency, repelling those pests without bothering your furry friend. To humans and pups, this tag is harmless, but the vibration makes one thing clear to fleas and ticks: they aren’t welcome on the back of your furry friend. Keep them safe the natural way, with Only Natural Pets.

Key Benefits
  • Contains silicon dioxide particles that are encoded with frequencies that are safe for your pet, but grating to fleas and ticks, making for an effective, chemical-free flea and tick repellent.
  • Causes no harm to your pet—once the tag is hooked onto your pet's collar, encrypted frequencies will synchronize with your pet's unique biological frequency, deterring fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and other biting insects without bothering your pet.
  • Simply clip this flea and tick tag to your dog or cat’s collar and, in three weeks, you will have powerful, safe and effective flea and tick control that lasts up to a full year.
  • The tag uses quantum mechanics, and does not use electricity, chemicals, magnetics, or radioactivity.
  • Based on over 15 years of targeted research in collaboration with doctors and scientists, these European-designed tags are completely safe for dogs, cats and humans.

The EasyDefense Tag is designed for flea prevention, not eliminating infestations. If your pet is already infested by fleas, their environment is also infested, and the tag on its own will not be enough to mitigate the infestation. To eliminate existing flea infestations, we strongly recommend complementing the tag with other natural flea removal products.

Important Information

Fleas rise to the top of your pet's coat as they die, so consider it a triumph if you start seeing more fleas at first, after treating your pet. If you’re still seeing fleas after application, it may be because your pet has picked up new fleas from the environment, which may include other pets, surfaces and outdoor areas. It may take up to 30 days to break the entire flea life cycle. Additionally, you should also treat sources of new fleas (i.e., carpet, yard, etc.) to ensure complete flea control.

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Simply attach the EasyDefense Tag to your pet's collar using the ring provided, positioning it on top of other tags, farthest away from your pet.

The EasyDefense Tag will become fully effective within a few weeks. If you remove your pet's collar at night, place it in or close to their bed. Since the tag utilizes your pet's energy to create a natural barrier to pests, it should stay on or around your pet at all times.

It will usually begin working within a few days, but may take up to a few weeks depending on your pet's health and the severity of pests in the environment. The EasyDefense Tag will also last up to 12 months.

The tag is waterproof and sturdy, but if it is severely damaged we recommend that you replace it. For the first 4 weeks remove the tag during baths and long swims, but after that period it is fine to leave on in the water.

For optimum effectiveness, please rinse the tag every month or so to remove dirt and debris.

The tag can only be used on one pet at a time because it synchronizes with the pet's unique energy. Each pet in the household will require its own tag.

Keep the tag away from strong electric and magnetic fields, as these will disturb its effectiveness. If your pet has a microchip, it will not harm its effectiveness.


Where is this product sourced from?

We source all our products from manufacturer approved distributors or directly from the manufacturers. Chewy takes pride in ensuring that our furry friends’ wellbeing is always our top priority. We have worked hard to partner with all of the manufactures to deliver 100% authentic products

How does EasyDefense Tag work?

The metal tag contains silicon dioxide particles that are encoded with frequencies that the tag then emits over time. These frequencies are annoying to pests, so they stay away from the pet wearing the tag. The tag is also encoded with frequencies that will synchronize with your pet's own unique biological frequency, which helps to support their immune system. This is why the tag must be kept on or near the pet at all times, and why it takes a few weeks for it to reach maximum effectiveness. A strong immune system is part of a strong defense against pests, because pests are more attracted to animals with a weaker immune system.

Do you have any scientific data on the EasyDefense Tag's effectiveness?

Although it has proven to be completely safe and effective, no large scale studies or clinical trials have been done on the EasyDefense Tag because the application of the underlying technology when used as a pest repellent for pets is relatively new. The energetic frequency technology itself has been well tested and proven effective and has been used in Europe for many years in other applications for humans.

How long will the tag last?

The EasyDefense Tag lasts 1 year when attached and used as directed.

Does the tag use any chemicals or pesticides?

No, the EasyDefense Tag does not contain any harmful or chemicals or pesticides. It is 100% safe and natural for pets.

Are there any side effects with using the EasyDefense Tag?

Absolutely not. There are no side effects to any pets or humans in the home with the EasyDefense Tag. It is safe for use with puppies and kittens, and it may be combined with other natural pest control products.

What about my children? Is the EasyDefense Tag harmful if they touch the tag or are around the tag?

Definitely not. The EasyDefense Tag is 100% chemical and toxin free so unlike other more conventional pest repellents there is noting that will do harm to your family or pets.

Do each of my pets need their own EasyDefense Tag or will one work for all the animals in my house?

Because the EasyDefense Tag works with a pet’s own unique biological frequency, it is necessary for each pet in the household to have their own tag.

Does the EasyDefense Tag need to be worn every day?

Yes. Your pet is protected from fleas, ticks and mosquitoes when wearing the tag so it is important to keep the tag on your pet's collar and the collar on your pet in order for the tag to work. You may remove the collar with the tag at night if you keep it in your pet's bed next to them. After the initial "activation" phase is complete (the first 4 weeks) the collar with the tag can be removed for very short amounts of time (for example, a bath) but should be put back on your pet immediately afterwards.

How do I attach the tag?

The package contains a ring that easily attaches like any tag to your pet's collar. The EasyDefense Tag has a small hole that should be used to attach the tag to the ring. If your pet has multiple tags on the collar just make sure the EasyDefense is positioned on top, farthest away from your pet.

How do I care for my tags?

The EasyDefense Tag will not be harmed by normal wear and tear but in order to maintain effectiveness, occasionally rinse the tag with water only to remove the dirt and oils that may build up on the tag.

How long does it take for the tag to become activated?

Every pet is different, but in general it will take a few days to become effective, although it can take up to 4 weeks to reach maximum effectiveness. The amount of time depends primarily on your pet's health – the healthier your pet, the faster it will start to work.

Please note that if your pet has recently had surgery, vaccinations, or has been treated with medications, it may take a little longer for the tag to reach maximum effectiveness.

Can my EasyDefense Tag product get wet?

Yes, the EasyDefense Tag is waterproof. However, just make sure that during the initial "activation" phase (the first 4 weeks) that you remove the tag during baths and long swims. After that 4 week period is over it is fine to leave the tag on while your pet is in the water.

Will the EasyDefense Tag interfere with a microchip my pet has implanted?

Since the EasyDefense Tag does not use electromagnetic energy, there is no danger or harm to your pet if they have a microchip. Additionally, the effectiveness of neither the EasyDefense Tag nor the microchip will be compromised.

Is it safe to use EasyDefense Tag with a shock collar or an electric/invisible fence?

Since the level of electricity utilized in these devices can affect your pet's biological system and compromise their immune health, we do not recommend using the EasyDefense Tag if your pet wears a shock collar or is around an electric or invisible fence.

Does the EasyDefense Tag work well in high risk areas like deep woods, lakes, or swamps?

High infestation areas may require a multi-faceted approach combining more than one natural pest control product. It is important to remember that the EasyDefense Tag uses a natural approach to repel pests, which is a different approach than poisoning the pests with chemical pesticides used in conventional flea & tick control products. Combining the EasyDefense Tag with our flea & tick spray, shampoo, squeeze-on, or Barrier Bites is often a good strategy for high infestation areas. Barrier Bites are a very effective complement to the tag since they work from the inside out to make your pet less attractive to pests.

Does the EasyDefense Tag work if I have a flea infestation already?

No, since the EasyDefense Tag is a repellent, it is not an appropriate solution to treat an existing infestation on its own. If your house or your pet is already infested with fleas, wash your pet with our EasyDefense Flea & Tick Shampoo before attaching the EasyDefense Tag and vacuum indoor areas thoroughly. Next, treat your pet, your floors, your pet's furniture, and any other infested furniture with Only Natural Pet All-in-One Flea Remedy to help eradicate the fleas and their larvae.

Why does it matter that the EasyDefense Tag repels mosquitoes?

Heartworms are carried by mosquitoes, so if your pet is never bitten by a mosquito it cannot develop heartworm disease. Thus by repelling mosquitoes the EasyDefense Tag will help to lower the risk of your pet getting heartworm disease. (And by the way, conventional flea and tick spot-on products do not repel mosquitoes.)

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