ADIDOG is brand name of pet apparel hoodies and tracksuits modeled after the popular sports apparel brand of a very similar name and produced by The Paw Wag Company. Paw Wag manufactures fashion-forward clothing, collars and bow ties for dogs of all breed and sizes. Looking to help fill a glaring gap in the pet apparel industry, the company is founded on the mission of providing a stylish assortment of fashionable clothing for dogs of every size–from the tiniest tea cup to the most massive gentle giant. From their iconic ADIDOG brand to adorable frilly dresses and dapper outfits, warm winter cover-ups, and even a clear raincoat that lets your precious pup’s true colors shine through while he stays dry in the rain, Paw Wag has the styles and sizes to help make every canine companion look their very best. Paw Wag is dedicated to battling size discrimination in the dog clothes industry, and with your support, they will continue to work hard every day to provide high-quality clothing for all breeds and all sizes.

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