Tuscan Natural

Tuscan Natural is a brand of Pyramid Pet Products that was founded with a simple goal: to produce the world’s healthiest pet food. It all started while on a trip to the Old Country, where the team marveled at the passion Italians brought to the dinner table. Then it suddenly hit them, “Olive oil! Why hasn’t anybody ever introduced the wonders of olive oil to pet food?” It turns out, olive oil is not just great for people, but it’s naturally great for pups too. Like magic, olive oil actually promotes protein absorption, which means your pooch can get much more out of every bite from their formulas, boosting their energy and metabolism. Plus, olive oil is also an essential source of antioxidants, reducing the risk of cancer and diabetes. Add to that, it’s so darn delicious that dogs go absolutely bananas for it! Tuscan Natural knows how crazy you are over your pal because they feel the same way about their own. That’s why they combine the most advanced, modern nutritional knowledge along with a proven Old World culinary philosophy to give your pup a unique and nutritiously delicious meal he’ll love.

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