Pup Crew

A sub-brand of Mission Pets, Pup Crew offers everything your pup needs to stay chic. Mission Pets began in 1999 as SimplyShe, a women’s lifestyle company that manufactured everything from home goods to apparel. As the years went on, the team at SimpleShe realized that their greatest interest revolved around their best companions—their pets. In 2017, the name was officially changed to Mission Pets. Mission Pets has multiple affiliated brands dedicated to ensuring that every walk has the opportunity to become a great adventure. Run by a dedicated team of pet parents, Pup Crew designs outfits and dresses for your style-conscious pup with an excess of attitude. The wide-range of apparel includes humorously-messages tees and stylish accessories to make your dog feel fab all year round. Pup Crew believes in products that look good so you don’t have to make a choice between function and fashion.

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