Calmz knows that pups sometimes get anxious and that pup parents need anxiety calming solutions that are all natural, safe, and most of all proven to be effective. That’s why they developed the two-part Calmz system to soothe and calm anxious dogs using proven acupressure and a therapeutic blend of music and tones that work with canine neurology to reduce anxiety symptoms. It’s perfect for dogs that display stressful behaviors like hiding, inappropriate urination, digging, chewing, excessive barking, pinned ears, and panting. When dogs are wearing the vest, a special pocket holds the device over calming acupressure points on their backs. When activated, the device vibrates to stimulate these points, and also plays a proven blend of classical music and special tones that work to calm pooches, drug-free. It’s ideal for all stressful situations that pup and pup parents encounter, like during thunder storms, when meeting new people or other dogs, and when going to new places or to the vet.

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