Litter Champ

Litter Champ is the brand name of a premium odor-free cat litter waste disposal system made by the Janibell company. Since 1985, Janibell has been providing superior hands-free waste disposal systems for homes, offices, medical facilities and more. From diaper disposal to medical waste, they have a sanitary solution for nearly every application. Their innovative line of products feature completely sanitary operation with total containment, even during removal, and tight fitting lids that lock in odors. Their unique flexible liner system creates bags from a continuous, eco-friendly liner that is flexible and strong; because you can simply and easily tie the bag off whenever you want to take the trash out, no one has to see, smell or touch the waste. All of their receptacles are made of hard, non-porous ABS resin reinforced with metal crossbars, so they are durable, completely sanitary and latex free. Save time and money while simplifying waste disposal with their superior solutions.

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