Dr. Lyon's

Dr. Lyon’s combines modern science with trusted methods inspired by natural apothecaries. Drawing inspiration from the holistic origins of veterinary medicine, Dr. Lyon’s dog supplements and dog treats put your dog’s health first with simple, effective formulas that utilize wisdom from nature and contemporary scientific knowledge. They’ve selected the finest vitamins and minerals to support problem areas for active dog, aging dogs and everyday pups, using great-tasting ingredients that dogs love. Dr. Lyon’s offers mint-flavored grain-free dental treats to help with canine dental care and doggy breath by combating plaque and tartar. Their dog oral care treats are made with a unique brush shape and chewy texture that helps maintain cleaner teeth when dogs chew—it’s a tasty dog chew that has a plaque-fighting purpose! They also make supplements in the form of soft chews, so they’re chewy dog treats that pack a nutritional benefit in each bite, not just a rewarding dog treat. Dr. Lyon’s uses natural ingredients that have medicinal properties and then adds in targeted vitamins, minerals and other nutrients which are specially selected to help dogs achieve a balanced state of well-being. You can choose from hip and joint soft chews with glucosamine and chondroitin to calming dog treats made with chamomile and ginger, plus skin and coat treats that contain omega-3 and 6 fatty acids for a healthy skin and coat. For dogs with digestive health concerns, Dr. Lyon’s probiotics for dogs are ready-to-use packets with healthy bacteria that promote digestive wellness. Dr. Lyon’s dog supplements and dog treats are formulated to help your dog maintain nose-to-tail health, fusing wisdom from science and nature.

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