The philosophy of PL360 is pretty straightforward—to make life with pets simpler for all their fellow pet lovers. They take their inspiration straight from the four-legged friends for which PL360 products are developed, using the lessons of gratitude, love and compassion. Their goal is to repay pets for their unconditional love, and that is done by creating items that cater to their wellbeing. For the last 14 years, they have been making products that keep pets happy, healthy and clean, and they do it in the most simple and natural way possible. This means the best ingredients that are safe for pets, as well as finding innovative solutions that make things easier. PL360 products do exactly what they say the will, which is something on which customers can trust. Their ideas come from pet owners themselves, while spending time with their own pets, and from the help of experts in the field. And it’s all to keep pets clean and happy!

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