The Perfect Dog

The Perfect Dog is dedicated to helping everyone learn the secrets of training their perfect dog. Its founder and master trainer is Don Sullivan, a former wildlife handler that has been an expert canine behaviorist since 1986. Don has been wowing dog lovers with his quick and simple training techniques since 2000, when he went onto national Canadian television to perform “7-minute makeovers” on problem pooches that he had never met before and transform them into canine good citizens. Don has since made appearances on PBS and several other channels, and in 2008, he created his bestselling dog training system. Don is now renowned worldwide for transforming even the most extreme negative canine behavior cases in just minutes and is affectionately known as The Dog Father by his fans. He has since gone on to perfect and patent his Command Collar, which he personally designed to help dogs of all breeds and ages become well-behaved canine companions.

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