Beaverdam Pet Food

Beaverdam Pet Food was established in 2003 by Truman Schrock, a Greenwood, Delaware native, and his wife Mary. Concerned with the ingredients used in the pet food industry after having worked with animal nutrition, feeds and supplements for 30 years—and realizing that most people had no idea what ingredients and additives were in their pet’s food—Truman decided to launch his own pet food line. Shortly after retiring in 2003, Schrock launched Beaverdam Pet Food starting with three basic lines for dog food and two for cat recipes. Over the years, improvements were made and product development grew to keep pets happy. Then, in 2010, a grain-free formula was introduced to the line in honor of Truman’s father—Eli’s Select. With an ever-changing pet food industry, Beaverdam’s focus remains the same—to deliver the highest-quality pet nutrition with ingredients pet parents can trust, while still operating as a small family-owned company right in the USA.

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