Aqua Design Innovations

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Aqua Design Innovations has the bold mission to reconnect people to the environment, and their EcoQube fish tank is doing just that. The revolutionary founders saw that the world is facing serious food and water shortages, which are straining the environment, and they took it into their hands to make a change for the better. Not only does the EcoQube easily bring nature into the lives of people, offering an all-one-ecosystem in a convenient desktop size, but it’s great for the environment too. In fact, the EcoQube uses 90% less water and 50% less waste than traditional aquariums. And what’s more, it’s ultra-low maintenance, because it uses an aquaponics filter that uses plants to keep it clean. There’s no need to ever change the filter. And since it comes with everything needed to start, it’s perfect for young children or those new to fishkeeping. At Aqua Design Innovations, they never stop looking for new ways to innovate with nature.